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In this section, summarize the attributes of customers that you are targeting.This includes demographics, which not only describe a population in terms of location, age, and gender, but should also include psychographics, or the things that might influence their attitudes, aspirations, or other behavior like interests and lifestyle.

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Once you have stated your objective, describe how the objective will be measured as well as how often you intend to audit the objective’s progress.This is because the objective becomes crystal clear not only to the person responsible for achieving it, but also to the person whose role it is to make sure that things get done.Start by creating one to three SMART objectives for the plan’s first year.In this section, you want to clearly describe the key characteristics of your ideal customer.There are three things to consider in this section, which include building a profile of your ideal customer, describing their expected buying patterns or creditworthiness, and defining your anticipated sales territory.Once you have completed your sales plan, you can use a CRM like Pipedrive to measure sales performance and review your progress towards your plan goals.Pipedrive helps sales teams work on sales processes, manage their business pipeline, and monitor deals. Visit Pipedrive Sales plans do not have to be complicated documents.You may have more than one ideal customer profile if you have a high mix of products or services.For more information, we have an article on How to Create a Customer Profile, which includes additional templates and examples for your reference.Use this sales plan template as well as the information below to create your own unique plan, based on the needs of your business.The seven specific steps to create your sales plan include: This section will include both a restatement of your company’s mission (or vision) statement as well as your sales plan’s objectives in terms of growth.


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