Stem Cell Therapy Research Paper

In recent years, tumor stem cells increasingly attracted much more attention of researchers.

Many researchers found that malignant tumor growth, recurrence, and metastasis were similar to the corresponding characteristics of stem cells [1–3].

In addition, some cell labeling technique had also been applied in stem cell research.

Perrimon’s group had labeled the cell using site-specific recombinant technique to randomly activate the lac Z gene in cell population [15].

Thirdly, stem cells can rebuild the organization when they are transplanted into its source damaged organization.

Lastly, even if the tissue does not suffer, stem cells can differentiate into mature cells of the tissue.

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Stem cell therapies are a type of cell therapy in which the cells used are either stem cells (as in the case of bone marrow transplantation) or are derived from stem cells, as is this case with some stem cell therapies that are currently being investigated for their therapeutic potential in areas such as regenerative medicine.

Firstly, we will introduce some new isolation and culture technology and review its application in stem cell research.

Secondly, we will introduce several molecular imaging techniques and review some researchers’ work on stem cells using these techniques.


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