Steps To Choosing A Research Paper

Steps To Choosing A Research Paper-59
Read your textbooks, news websites, or the local newspaper to get ideas about current events that might work for your paper. Check out 25 Interesting Research Topics to Get You Started and 50 Research Topics to Help You Jumpstart Your Writing.

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Are you one of the rare souls interested in research?

Do you like the idea of planning an entire study and then sharing your findings with the whole world?

Learn how to choose a research paper topic by following these 5 quick tips that will put you on the path to the perfect paper.

To put it bluntly, even if you write a research essay that’s nothing short of amazing, but you’re writing about the wrong topic, you’ll still probably fail. So here’s a painfully obvious tip: If you’re writing a research paper in a psychology class, pick a topic related to psychology.

How can you include all of these elements in one research paper? The solution is to narrow your topic so that you can write an effective essay in the time and word count allowed.

What do you do if you have a broad idea for a research topic but you’re not sure how to narrow it? Read a few sources to learn some facts and background information about your topic.

Well, if you are a researcher, then you must know that planning and executing a study is not child’s play.

And the first and most time-consuming step of conducting research is selecting a research topic.

If you do, your paper will be broad, generalized, and not very interesting. Try starting with this research question: Does exposing preschool age children to violence portrayed in children’s programming affect their behavior? This question is clear and specific and gives you a direction for your research.

You can research types of violence on kids’ television shows and research how kids’ behavior might change after watching acts of violence on kids’ shows.


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