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The refocusing on the marine science curriculum garnered the campus several accolades, including being named in 1998 as the Cousteau Society's sole North American Affiliate.In the course of the campus's tenure under Long Island University, it produced 34 Fulbright scholars, most of which hailed from the Marine Science program.Six undergraduate students and a non-profit community group filed a lawsuit in NY State Supreme Court to block the closure of the college.

Under the new ownership of Stony Brook University starting with a class of 200 in August 2007, the campus featured an innovative curriculum devoted to issues of sustainability and the environment.

Southampton’s interdisciplinary academic programs focused on issues of ecological sustainability, with undergraduate majors in Environmental Studies, Marine Sciences, Marine Vertebrate Biology, Ecosystems and Human Impact, Environmental Design, Policy and Planning and Sustainability Studies.

AMSNY will be featured, along with 49 other recipients, in the September 2019 issue of “We are so thrilled to be recognized for our efforts to diversify the physician workforce in New York State, and reduce disparities in health care,” said Jo Wiederhorn, President and CEO of AMSNY.

“Our Diversity in Medicine programs would not be possible without the fantastic faculty leading the way at our host medical schools, working to train future doctors from underrepresented backgrounds.

The undergraduate population staged letter campaigns to raise community awareness and protest the decision.

Stanley came to the Southampton campus shortly after the decision to meet with the student body.magazine, the largest and oldest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education.The Inspiring Programs in STEM Award honors colleges and universities that encourage and assist students from underrepresented groups to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).In the agreement to take over WLIU is to continue its LIU affiliation and move from its broadcasting studios in Chancellors Hall by April 2010 to another location on Hill Street in Southampton.The station has an agreement to have its broadcast tower on the campus through 2024.However, in April 2010, Stony Brook University President Samuel Stanley announced his decision to shut down the branch, due to major state budget cuts and the need for better targeting of funds.The academic programs and students were relocated to the main campus.After many years of fiscal mismanagement, the University announced a multimillion-dollar capital campaign, launched a new interdisciplinary CORE curriculum and the construction of a new library (almost completed) to re-vamp the campus. (Long Island University) made numerous headlines with their actions, Undergraduate Programs ceased and all but a few campus buildings were shuttered by the end of Summer 2005.After one year of a 10-year plan however, Long Island University officials ceased all plans and Long Island University decided to effectively close the campus. Although protests and advocacy including a rally by the non-profit Save The College at Southampton and the student-led organization The Orphans of L. When Long Island University announced its plans to close the campus, in 2005 the Shinnecock Indian Nation filed a suit seeking return of 3,500 acres (14 km) including both the campus and the golf club.Our successful track record is credited to them.” magazine selected AMSNY’s Diversity in Medicine Programs because of their proven track record of success – about 94 percent of students who complete one of AMSNY’s four post-baccalaureate Diversity in Medicine programs go on to medical school.Over the past 25 years, hundreds of doctors from underrepresented backgrounds have successfully completed medical school as a result.


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