Students Should Not Have Homework

Fortunately, many schools are trying to reduce students’ stress after realizing that too much work has a deleterious effect on kids’ health.For example, many schools are instituting no-homework weekends to provide kids with a much-needed break and time to spend with family and friends.

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Fortunately, most teachers today recognize that homework isn't always necessary, and the stigma that many teachers once faced if they didn't assign what was simply perceived as enough is gone.

The pressures placed on teachers to assign homework eventually lead to teachers assigning "busy work" to students rather than true learning assignments.

The National Education Association (NEA) has released guidelines about the right amount of homework--the amount that helps kids learn without getting in the way of their developing other parts of their life.

Many experts believe that students should receive roughly 10 minutes per night of homework in the first grade and an additional 10 minutes per grade for each following year.

As we better understand how students learn, we have come to determine that for many students, they can get just as much benefit, if not more, from smaller amounts of work than larger homework loads.

This knowledge has helped teachers create more effective assignments that can be completed is shorter amounts of time.Experts believe that playtime is more than just a fun way to pass the time—it actually helps kids learn.Play, particularly for younger kids, is vital to developing creativity, imagination, and even social skills.All that homework does is creating stress and that’s not good. Play, sing, jump, and don’t worry about homework live the crazy life at least until high school.Parents have been questioning the excessive amount of homework given in schools, both public and private for years, and believe it or not, there is evidence that supports limiting the amount of homework children have can actually be beneficial.Older kids also need time to run, play, and simply experiment, and parents and teachers must realize that this independent time allows kids to discover their environment.For example, kids who run in a park learn rules about physics and the environment intuitively, and they cannot take in this knowledge through direct instruction. For example, it’s natural for kids to learn to read by about age 7, though there is a variability in the time individual kids learn to read; kids can learn at any time from 3-7.So many students suffer every day from doing homework.Should it be acceptable for students to be experiencing his? Students in grades K-8 should not experiencing this not until high school.I waste more time doing it, and I don’t see any benefits”, she thinks she is wasting her time on homework. Homework can affect kids’ health by turning them into “couch potatoes” as they spend more time studying than playing outside.Mary Bousted, General Secretary of the ATL (Association of Teachers and Lecturers), said “I think a lot of homework is a waste of time.


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