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Even though the pay wasn’t bad (In addition to a full teaching salary, we received additional money from an education grant), I would not be able to afford some of the things my friends could.TFA was a two-year program, so I could still continue with my life ambition to be a lawyer after the program was finished. Also, I really wasn’t as thrilled about applying to law school as my mother was.

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Any time I have applied for a job, I have been able to look the interviewer in the eye and say that I am not intimidated by any challenge. I lived with a deadline that was marked by the end of the period bell.

Problem solving and ability to improvise are skills that I developed by necessity.

The last time I recruited for TFA, I went to my alma mater, Tufts, in 2002.

I even wrote this editorial which ran in The Tufts Daily.

And of those seniors, twenty-five of them had not yet passed the standardized test that determined if they would graduate. When the test results returned, twenty-three of the twenty-five passed.

As they received their diplomas, aside from being proud of them, I was proud of myself for putting forth the extra effort for those kids.One of my best moments was during my second year of teaching.The school at which I taught had 800 freshmen but only 200 seniors.Those were easy risks to take, and, besides, both of those risks were softened by the fact that I was drunk. Though I tried to envision myself inspiring sixth graders to develop the same affection for numbers that led me to major in math, I knew that a classroom of kids, even ‘needy’ kids, could eat a young idealistic teacher alive.Aside from personal failure, I had to risk financial failure.There was a time, not very long ago, when I was an active volunteer alumni recruiter for TFA. One year, I think it was 1998, I did a recruitment session at Colorado College, a very small school, which brought the house down.A year later when TFA published the list of the most popular schools for TFA, Colorado College was listed alongside The University Of Michigan and all the other common TFA schools as one of the top twenty schools for that year.Several forces combined to lead me to my eventual decision. I look back and forth at each letter and freeze on the law school letter. I take a look at the TFA letter, then back one last time to the Harvard letter before ripping the law school acceptance into confetti. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I wanted to do TFA. I was accepted to the program in March, and began teaching in August.As a student, I wasn’t known for making the best decisions.I don’t feel like those friends have somehow ‘lapped’ me on the circular track of life.The race thing, in fact, turned out to be an inaccurate analogy.


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