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Neither our schools nor our madrassas (Islamic education centres) are educating our youth in this regard.In the institutions that are supposed to polish them into scholars for east and west, they are being provided with degrees that only help them develop into “money machines”.

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It is crystal clear that Islamic education is necessary for Muslims but it is also a fact that without modern education no one can compete in this world.

There are many examples of Muslim scholars who not only studied the Holy Quran but also mastered other subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and many more, with the help of Holy Quran.

Even many poor countries have higher literacy rate as compare to Pakistan. Pakistan has been facing problems since independence in the field of education.

As confirmed by Kaiser Bengali in his working paper; (History of Educational Policy Making and Planning in Pakistan,1999), That was a very crucial time as people were adjusting themselves in a new place and environment.

The future of our country depends on how we choose to educate our children.

It’s high time we focus all our energies on that; otherwise, it’s going to be too late for Pakistan.We are only burdening our children with heavy books and enrolling them into reputed, big schools for what that put a financial stamp on the child, that he could afford an education here, just for the upheaval of social status?On the other hand, in our madrassas we are preparing people who can never adjust in the modern society.“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” –George Washington Carver We all know the importance of education.It is the most important aspect of any nation’s survival in the modern day world. So that’s why we have to adopt our education policies very carefully because our future depends on these policies.An analytical study of higher education of Pakistan, 2011) Current education system in Pakistan is also not satisfactory. 4: secondary school certificate (grades nine and ten).In Pakistan education is being provided in six main levels: 1: Pre-primary education (preparatory classes). 5: higher secondary school certificate (grades eleven and twelve).6: university education (graduation and higher study).Education policies are very good but, unfortunately, there are many problems in this system and its implementations.Islam also emphasises on education and its importance but I think in our country we truly are at loss.Our politicians and bureaucrats have not been able to figure out our education system.


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