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The way Salamano turns the conversation suggests that Salamano uses the discussion to displace his own guilt.Salamano assumes that Meursault really loved his mother despite sending her away, just as he loved his dog even though he be...

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Later, Salamano talks with Meursault and states that he is sure that Meursault loved his mother, despite the fact that Meursault offers no evidence to support this.

Some view this as Salamano himself supplying the rational order that he desires to find in the world.

His motivation seems to be physical gratification over inner development.

The Stranger contains a strong notion of absurdity; the useless attempt humanity makes to find rational order where none exists. Rhein "believes that Camus asserts that individual lives and human existence in general have no rational meaning or order." Though Camus does not openly refer to the notion of absurdity in The Stranger, events that occur in the novel are perfect examples that life is absurd: the story of the Czechoslovakian man, Salamano, and the trial of Meursault.

The Stranger or The Outsider (L’Étranger) is a novel by Albert Camus published in 1942.

Its theme and outlook are often cited as exemplars of existentialism, though Camus did not consider himself an existentialist; in fact, its content explores various philosophical schools of thought, including (most prominently and specifically) absurdism, as well as determinism, nihilism, naturalism, and stoicism.Unfortunately, his mother and sister killed and robbed him before he could reveal himself.Rhein believes that the absurdity of life is "emphasized by the story of the Czech...although Meursault finds the story unbelievable from his point of view." There is no reason for the son to have died.The Irrationality of the World It is important to remember that Camus was a philosopher who described the irrational aspect of existence.His belief is that there is no rational meaning or order to life.His ironic fate does not comply with any logical or ordered system governing human existence; his death is a meaningless tragedy that defies rationalization or justification.Salamano, Meursault's neighbor, has a dog that he beats and swears at.No one can accept that Meursault offers no underlying meaning and reason.The final confrontation between Meursault and the Chaplain exposes this central issue.If there is no transcendent meaning to life, and there is no life beyond this life, all that is left is the material, physical world we occupy right now.The novel is preoccupied with the physical landscape throughout.


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