The Young Generation Essay

The Young Generation Essay-46
First, addiction to social media makes the youth have bad grades in studies.Because of social media, many students who were excellent students have become bad students."Out visiting and Back Home", I Wanna Live" demonstrates there types of relationships.

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And last but not least, using social media too much will have a serious impact on health.

Because the young are addicted to social media, they will go to bed late to read news on Facebook or chat with friends.

Moreover, not only at school but also at home these young students who are addicted to social media do not do exercise or read the new lesson before going to school, because they are busy with social media.

For example, Khanh, a young girl from Vietnam, is addicted to social media. She always did all homework and prepared for new lessons, so she got A grades.

Because of his old age and condition, he has become senile and despise his grand children because they are off spring of his son who could not amount to anything like him self.

He reminisces of his past life and first love and then thinks that if he would have married her then he would have had a better son whose intern would have produced bitter grand children. The son they produced would have been good, strong, and smart.They always check their cellphones every five minutes to see what is going on on social media.If the young use social media in classes, how can they listen to the professors and understand what professors are saying?However, everything has changed since she started using social media too much.In classes, instead of listening to the professor, she always posts selfies on Facebook and Instagram.Instead of going out to meet friends or talk to their parents, these people love chatting with friends on social media.They will just stay at home and update their news on social media. When her mother bought her a cell phone for her 18 birthday, she became a person addicted to social media.The story "I wanna live" describes the differences betw ...Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.Secondly, young people who are addicted to social media can live far away from reality.Because of using a cell phone all day, they will not have time for outdoor activities such as playing sports or camping.


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