Thesis For History Day

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The more good sources you have, the better, but don’t pad your bibliography.

Only list items which you actually use; if you looked at a source but it didn’t help you at all, don’t list it in your bibliography.

Primary sources help you develop your own interpretation and make your project lively and personal.

As much as possible, your research should be balanced, considering the viewpoints of all relevant groups.

Each part of a name counts as one word, so “Mark Van Doren” would count as 3 words.

Each part of a date counts as a word, so “June 13, 2002” would count as 3 words.While performances must have dramatic appeal, that appeal should not be at the expense of historical accuracy.Therefore, clearly it is possible to have fictional characters, for example, writing a fictional diary.However, you need to make sure that you cite sources just as you would for a traditional paper or in a performances use primary sources like letters where appropriate. You can make up the character, but the circumstances and events of the character’s life and which that character witnesses or participates in should be based on historical facts.If you are writing a traditional research paper, not a creative paper, it is best not to use a fictional character.Comprised of four sections: First section should explain how you chose your topic.Second section should explain how you conducted your research.A title page is required as the first page of written material in every category.Your title page must include only the title of your entry, your name(s) and the contest division and category in which you are entered.That means losers as well as winners, males and females, different nations, different socioeconomic/ethnic/religious groups, etc.What balanced means will vary depending on your topic.


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