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The identity of ATyp I was expertly and daringly designed by Julien Hébert, who is based in Montreal. Commercial dingbats: FF Holiday Webset 2, FF Websuite 3, 4, 5 and 6, FF Babioles. Their custom types include Atrapalo, Kipling (a fashion mag family done in 2011), STM Montreal (2011, for the Montreal transportation system), Dialogue, Kidswa, Hangar and Costa Design. Its decoration is inspired by art nouveau and psychedelia from he 1960s. [ Brigitte Schuster is a graphic designer, calligrapher and lettering artist who graduated in 2008 from Concordia University in Montreal (only one block away from Luc's house...).

Annie grew up in Laval, near Montreal, and is a graphic designer in Montreal. The main organizer was Alessandro Colizzi, closely assisted by Alexandre Saumier-Demers. ATyp I is celebrating sixty years of typographic education and camaraderie this year.

As an organization founded by Charles Peignot of the famed Deberny & Peignot foundry in Paris, it's fitting that we commemorate this milestone in a grand French-speaking capital. Montréal is known for many things: for its blend of new and old; for its bilingualism and pluralistic society.

A defunct Montreal foundry run by Denis Dulude and cofounded by him and Fabrizio Gilardino in 1995. [ In the book Divertimento (Editlivre, Paris), Albert Legault (UQAM, Montreal, Canada) published the decorative art nouveau caps alphabet Eugene Grasset (2015). Scribbly handwriting fonts (no downloads) include Sugar and Spice, Shy Slacker, Francophile and Cranky Kid.

Denis Dulude closed shop in 2011 and returned all rights of fonts to their creators. Most fonts can now be found in the Font Haus collection. [ Graphic designer in Montreal who created the sans typeface Detektiv (2013): Detektiv is a playful sans-serif display font inspired by vintage Polish children's books and derived from DIN 1451. [A font for the Cree and Naskapi in Northern Quebec developed with assistance of Bill Jancewicz.

The designers included Annie Bastien (Sofa, Scratch), Robert Beck (Table Manners), Christine Côté (the handwritten Nacht), Denis Dulude (Razzia), Patrick Giasson (Proton 102), Fabrizio Gilardino (Babbio), Marie Laberge-Milot (funny dingbats Fred Family), Anna Morelli (Quattr'Occhi), Serge Pichii (Thais Light), Clotilde Olyff (Douff: geometry in action), Martijn Oostra (Mold Family), Marc Tassell (Pilgrim Family), and Michel Valois (Perceval Family). This font, started in 2013 and tentatively called Goosebreak, is being extended to also include all the Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (Athapascan, Blackfoot, Carrier, Cree, Naskapi, Nunavik, Sayisi Dene, etc.).

Currently, Amy is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Foundation at the State University of New York at New Paltz. Flash demo which does not work on several browsers.

In 2008 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice at Montreal's Concordia University.

In my graphic design practice I ideally work in editorial design, also corporate branding, with a focus on typography.

Author of Brush calligraphy with a tree branch (2009) and Book Designers from the Netherlands (2014).

In 2013, she founded the imprint Brigitte Schuster Editeur.


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