Thesis Statements On The Cons Of Marijuana

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“The illicit market is a paper tiger,” he concluded.

“The illicit market is a paper tiger,” he concluded.“But a paper tiger doesn’t fall over until you push it.”As an undergraduate at Haverford, Kleiman was a triple major in political science, economics, and philosophy, and he readily concedes that he analyzes things to death.

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If Seattle has welcomed the legalization of marijuana with utopian optimism—a conviction that Washington’s experiment will eventually sweep the nation—then Kleiman can seem like a total downer.

Allergic to cant, he speaks with the bracing candor of a scientist in a disaster movie, and appears to derive grim pleasure from informing politicians that they have underestimated the complexity of a problem. In the short run, though, the answer is just the opposite.”When legal marijuana goes on sale, sometime next spring, the black market will not simply vanish; over-the-counter pot will have to compete with illicit pot.

In drug-policy circles, he says, Kleiman is known as a prodigious generator of unorthodox solutions: “Not all of these ideas turn out to work in practice, but a lot of what happens in the whole field is Mark throws out an idea and then we all investigate it, check it, respond to it.” Kleiman has never been married and has no children, which allows him to crisscross the country, bestowing policy advice, most often on matters of criminal justice.

This year, he is on track to hit a hundred thousand miles.

They also investigated protocols for “product quality standards and testing.” Kleiman’s mandate was to offer officials options, rather than prescriptions.

But he has a lot of opinions, and does not excel at hiding them.

Washington and Colorado have launched a singular experiment.

The Netherlands tolerates personal use of marijuana, but growing or selling the drug is still illegal.

Kleiman’s campaign used to seem quixotic, but in November, 2012, voters in Washington and Colorado passed initiatives legalizing the use and commercial sale of marijuana.

Immediately afterward, the State of Washington decided that it needed help setting up a pot economy.


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