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If you are a registered student, and you need more time to complete the Ph D examination process or have had an extension to registration date approved, it is likely that you will be eligible to apply for a new study visa.

We recommend that you should contact the International Student Office 3-4 months before your current visa expires if you believe you will need more time in the UK.

Changing to a resident class visa has implications for your status as an international student and may affect your eligibility for insurance as well as change the way some University regulations apply to your candidature.

If you are a registered Ph D Researcher, and you need more time to complete the Ph D examination process or have had an Extension of Time approved, you may be eligible to apply for an extension to your current Tier 4 visa.

The usual route is to extend your stay as a Tier 4 (General) Student.

If at the time of applying you have a valid Tier 4 visa, or in certain other categories, you will be able to extend from inside the UK if you wish (Tier 4 Leave to Remain) but you must apply on or before the expiry of your current immigration permission.An ATAS certificate is a required document for the short-term study route.If you are returning for your viva under this route, the short-term study policy allows you to reuse the original ATAS certificate you obtained to study towards the same doctorate for which you now have a viva examination.When you return to Cambridge you will need to collect your BRP.Financial requirements It is very important that you prepare your finances in advance of applying for your visa.You should not leave the UK until you have received your new Biometric Residence Permit which will be sent 1-2 weeks after the decision is made.If you are not sure about your travel plans it may be better to make your application in your home country.If you are on another programme, it may be possible for the University to be able to support you in obtaining a new visa to complete your course - for instance, following a period of intermission - but it is unlikely that you would be able to apply for such a visa from inside the UK.You should contact the International Student Office as soon as you become aware that you might need more time.You will need to provide your College with proof of application if your new visa is not granted before your current leave expires.If you wish to apply from overseas: You will need to manage your absence from Cambridge appropriately and discuss your travel plans with the International Student Office as your return travel dates and the dates in your CAS will determine the period of validity of your 30-day permit.


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