Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay

Uses Of Plastic Bags Essay-24
They’re in the cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment that makes modern life possible.They’re in the roofs, walls, flooring and insulation that make homes and buildings energy efficient.

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Instead, any supermarkets who refuse to totally ban plastic bags, and charge their customers for using the bags (eg.

10p for bag), should be made to pay a fine to local governments.

The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilised in a far more effective manner.

These two factors show that plastic bag production is a waste of resources, which could be being used in a far more effective way.

And plastics in packaging help keep foods safe and fresh. There are “organic” plastics, which contain carbon, and inorganic plastics, which don’t.

Some plastics are hard and shatter-resistant, others are soft and flexible.This revenue should then be used to repeal some of the damage supermarkets reap on the local economy, environment, and society.Plastic bag production uses almost 10 percent of the world's annual oil supply. This means that much of the planet's precious natural resources are being used to produce plastic bags that many of us maintain are unneccessary.Ireland has seen a 400% increase in black bin liners since the tax was levied against plastic bags.These black bin liners are designed to hold more in them than the plastic carrier bags and therefore they are thicker.In addition, they do not degrade well in our rubbish dumps, so they will remain on this planet forever more.We cannot have this accumulation of plastic bags and the only way forward is to ban their distribution and use.They use far more oil in their production and due to their thickness they take even longer to degrade.How can the ban, therefore, be seen as having a positive effect on the environment?We do not need this many plastic bags in the world.The pollution caused by their creation alone is enough to warrant a ban on their manufacture and their use.


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