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Linking the audience to the text emotionally is a strong persuasion tool.Logos focuses on reasoning, which is critical and logical reasoning.Pathos focuses on analyzing how the author appeals to the emotional part of their audience.

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The data from the sources are the supporting evidence to your claim.

There are two classes of synthesis essays – argumentative and explanatory.

These components must connect or link into a whole.

Therefore, a synthesis analysis paper utilizes multiple resources to generate a strong argument/thesis/point.

Among the paper requirements is a list of reference materials which you will be expected to generate a link to form the thesis.

The critical thinking and analytical skills come in handy at this point.

That’s because the synthesis essays are different from your everyday compositions.

Unlike other pieces which draw arguments and conclusions from a single source, such essays require the use of various resources to make several claims that connect into one whole.

To create a high quality synthesis essay paper the following tips can help: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos Ethos is the moral philosophy or a presentation of the author’s credibility.

It’s a way that the author can connect to the audience by showing that they are qualified and have the requisite experience to discuss the topic at hand.


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