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The team then upload the theses and publish them on their repository. (At York and Sheffield the students do self-deposit).Leeds is just about to start adding more retrospective theses and intend to digitise in-house using the equipment within their new Digitisation Studio.In the case of research there is no specific policy which states that all research has to be included on their repository.

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The University of Hull have recently launched their new digital repository, see Hydra in Hull.

Theme – Mandates and Policies and Digitisation My proposal for a ‘buddy’ visit had been around wanting to find out more from those who have developed repository policies/mandates and also in issues around governance of their repository, including how those policies are embedded.

One element which we both agreed on was that students were not always clear about the implications of publishing their theses on a repository and in some cases do not even realise that this is what will happen until they suddenly come across it via Google.

Perhaps supervisors could advise students about this when they are preparing their theses?

I had no particular institution in mind so it was suggested that we could visit the University of Leeds who are one of the partners in White Rose Research Online (WRRO) and White Rose e Theses online repositories (WREO) along with the universities of York and Sheffield.

While admitting they were not especially strong on policies we decided that it would still be a useful visit and it turned out to be a good general exchange of experience.This guest post is authored by Diane Leeson, Content and Access Team Leader, Library and Learning Innovation, University of Hull.As announced last week, during October 2011 the RSP sponsored ten UK repository staff ‘buddy visits’ as part of our Open Access Week initiative. Diane visited the repository team at the University of Leeds, one of the partners in White Rose Research Online (WRRO).So it was only a short train trip and walk from the city centre before I arrived at the building leading onto the Brotherton Library on 14 October.I was welcomed by Jodie Double, Digital Content and Repositories Manager, and also met some other members of the team.-- The Ben Nevis Formation is a relatively homogeneous sandstone with very subtle changes both petrographically and geochemically.Grouping of similar Zr concentrations within the Ben Nevis Formation has shown three correlatable units throughout the White Rose Field.Together with erosion of the Upper Hibernia Formation, detrital carbonate grains may have been added from underlying A-marker and/or B-marker units.Based on weathering relationships inferred from CIA diagrams, the remaining (presently preserved) sections of Lower Hibernia Formation were ultimately sourced from a more mafic basement, which is not reflected in the composition of upper Hibernia, Avalon, and Ben Nevis Formation sandstones.Staff are generally positive about wanting to make their research more visible, but are often worried about copyright.Where full text is not uploaded there is sometimes just a metadata record included and a link can be made to the publisher version, but this will reduce access to only those people entitled to use it.


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