Writing Bar Chart Essay

Think deliberately about your purpose and use common sense to choose the most effective figure for communicating the main point.

If you want your reader to understand spatial relationships, a map or photograph may be the best choice.

Figures are typically read from the bottom up, so captions go below the figure and are left-justified.

The most important consideration for figures is simplicity.

Gridlines or boxes should not be included in printed versions.

Tables may or may not include other elements, such as subheadings or footnotes. They may be graphs, diagrams, photos, drawings, or maps.

Tables present lists of numbers or text in columns and can be used to synthesize existing literature, to explain variables, or to present the wording of survey questions.

They are also used to make a paper or article more readable by removing numeric or listed data from the text.

Tables are typically used to present raw data, not when you want to show a relationship between variables. They come in the form of graphs, charts, drawings, photos, or maps.

Figures provide visual impact and can effectively communicate your primary finding.


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