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In print or online, for charts and graphs, use numerals.See the The students collected 114 books for the sale, 12 of which were first editions. —Use either a figure or a word—not both: five rooms, not five (5) rooms.A simple rule for using numbers in writing is that small numbers ranging from one to ten (or one to nine, depending on the style guide) should generally be spelled out.

Should you write them out in words or leave them as numerals?

To write numbers properly, you will have to identify potential differences between major style guides (such as MLA, APA, and Chicago, to name a few) because these guides often outline different rules for using numbers in writing. Say you're working on a paper evaluating the importance of the local public library in your community.

Decimals are always written as numerals for clarity and accuracy.

To revisit our library example, perhaps circulation statistics improved in 2015.

A number of specific rules for spelling out numbers are outlined in section 9.1 of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Your ultimate authority will always be a style guide, but in the absence of one, following the rules outlined above will help you be consistent in your use of numbers in writing.The idea of online text is to keep it short, with consideration to search engine optimization and other factors that are beyond the scope of print publications.For online writing, numerals frequently are used in all instances.includes extensive information about the use of numbers.Whether to use figures or words depends on the overall style by which you abide and the nature of the material with which you are working.Decades or centuries are usually spelled out, especially if the writing is formal. Always strive for consistency, even if it overrides a previous rule.For example, if your document uses numbers frequently, it is more appropriate for all numbers to remain as numerals to ensure that usage is uniform throughout.If a number falls in the range of one to ten and is not a whole number, it should be written as a numeral.Incorrect: The circulation of library materials increased by four point five percent in 2015.For example, instead of writing, "It cost ten-thousand four-hundred and sixteen dollars to renovate the local library," you would write, "It cost ,416 to renovate the local library." The reason for this is relatively intuitive.Writing out large numbers would not only waste space but could also be a major distraction to your readers.


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